Who is Denis Burns?

Having grown up in a household led by an IBM project manager and a professional photographer, organizational skills, goal management, attention to detail and a healthy work ethic were instilled and reinforced throughout my rearing.

I have long enjoyed problem solving. Having played with personal computers since 1979, and enjoying having my own to work with since the dawn of the IBM PC, my knowledge of computer hardware and electronics theory were fostered since and early age. I have worked as a technician, performing onsite repairs, for electrical, electronic and mechanical systems. The troubleshooting aspect is entirely fulfilling.

Some of my earliest memories involve some of my father’s lists, charts and graphs. Despite the advances of PC’s and PDA’s, nothing takes the place of a pencil and paper list as an organizational aid to arrange things in one’s mind. This arrangement is key to gaining an overall perspective. The ability to envision the big picture has been invaluable to me in past endeavors.

Societally, devotion to one entity or employer has declined during my lifetime, but not within me. As interpersonal relationships grow over time, I believe that professional ones do as well. Therefore, over time, one can grow closer and more intertwined into one's organization. This allows for ease in communication and increased productivity between longtime employees.

Very little downtime is found in my life. When not working or chasing my daughter around the house, my time is often occupied with photography, bicycling, hiking, camping, amateur radio, and volunteer work. I am also heavily involved with the Taltech Alliance which strives to bring together technology companies and entities within the Tallahassee area.