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Remittance Service Agreement

Almacenes XITO S.A., correspondent of Banco Davivienda S.A., currency broker. Not applicable to éxito Express or “XITO® is a registered trademark of Almacenes éxito S.A. This service is not available on Surtimax sites. Service at participating Carulla stores. Your beneficiary can contact carulla on 01 8000 11 0007. Customers who send money to an account in Colombia for loans must ensure that their recipient has activated automatic credits (“Abono Automético”) with their bank before the sender adds the “Credit on Bill” method to their ExpressSend service agreement. CONSIDERING that the customer wishes to use the provider`s money transfer services to transfer money electronically, and the provider wishes to obtain such services under this transfer of funds contract, 4.2 the guarantee in paragraph 4.1 in addition to your legal rights for services that are not performed with appropriate skill and diligence, or that do not comply with these conditions. 2.1.5 Unless exceptions, restrictions, exceptions and/or exclusions applicable in the CCAC or existing data protection legislation are not provided for by law or do not authorize applicable exemptions, restrictions and/or exclusions, PayPal are prohibited from collecting, retaining, using, selling or disclosing personal data, unless it is necessary to carry out the payment processing services mentioned in the agreement between the parties. PayPal implement and maintain at least appropriate technical and organizational measures, as described in Appendix 1 of this addendum, to preserve the security of the customer`s data and protect it from unauthorized or illicit processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage related to the provision of payment settlement services. You understand and agree that technical and organizational measures are subject to technical progress and development.

In this regard, PayPal is expressly entitled to take appropriate alternative measures as long as the level of security of measures relating to the provision of payment settlement services is maintained. In the event of an adverse change, PayPal provide you with a notification with the necessary documents by email or publication on a website that is easily accessible to you. Traders undertake to PayPal its parent company to compensate, defend and keep affiliates unscathed, executives, directors, representatives, employees and suppliers, employees and suppliers of and against any legal action, liability, loss, penalty or any other cost (including legal fees and defence costs) that they may suffer or suffer as a result of (i) the violation of this agreement or any other agreement that you may accept with PayPal or its suppliers with respect to the use of the Braintree Payment Office; (ii) your use of braintree payment services; (iii) their actions or omissions; and/or iv) your violation of applicable laws, regulations or network rules and requirements. The parties recognize that the Braintree Payment Service is a service based on a computer network that can be delayed and delayed. Therefore, PayPal does not guarantee continuous or continuous access to Braintree Payment Services. Merchant also acknowledges that access to Braintree site or braintree payment services may be limited for maintenance work. PayPal will do everything in its power to ensure that transactions are resolved in a timely manner; PayPal is not responsible for interruptions, failures or non-deliveries of braintree payment services. This service is not available on Bodega Aurrera Express websites. 10.1 We only use the personal data you provide to process the transfer of funds or to inform you of the similar services we offer, unless you inform us that you do not wish to receive this information.