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Non Federal Subaward Agreement Template

Example of subcontracting. Recommended use: outsourcing under a federal contract (or with a revision, a non-federal agreement). Change of model for submissions issued under UG – Is used when a change is to be issued to a sub-receiver who is already subject to uniform instructions according to the original Subaward. Survey modification – an option for PTEs to expedite agreements in circumstances where simple and non-substantial changes to the original agreement are required. You will find examples of its use in the model. Please note that this model can only be used if both parties have agreed to unilateral changes in accordance with the facet of the original agreement. A sub-agreement is a document written under the control and in accordance with the terms of an award (subsidy, contract or cooperation agreement) that transfers part of the research or interest efforts of the main prize to another institution or organization. Optional for sub-receivers without billing models. Can be modified if necessary. The European Commission has made this chronology model available to meet its chronology requirements. Use this model for EU rewards, unless the sponsor has a more specific model, to which it is referred to in its premium terms. The award is given to the University of Washington Foundation (UWF). The UWF facilitates the transfer of the price to the UW via OSP.

OSP re-examines and negotiates the agreement with BMGF and forwards the agreement to UWF for signature. After receiving the signed agreement, OSP publishes a financing operation (FA) to GCA in order to set a budget number. eRA: Please contact Amanda Humphrey: if you have any problems loading these models into your systems. Conducts more rigorous risk assessments at the institute and project level for new and ongoing subawards. Recording training for the use of models and important updates. Please note that these models may be reviewed in accordance with your institution`s guidelines and in accordance with the terms of the federal contract, the type of organization of the subcontractor and any specific project requirements. Any research involving individuals or data from federal penitentiaries must meet the requirements of the prison office. Change of model to include UG in existing subawards – to be used when the main auction for PTE uniform Guidance (UG) is submitted and an amendment must be issued to sub-receivers whose initial agreement is subject to the previous OMB circulars.

This modification model will cause UG to flow to the sub-receiver. The pass-through company must receive its bonus from the main sponsor before sending a sub-price agreement to the UW for our share of the project. Read the information to prepare an eGC1 for incoming sub-premiums. The FDP-Subaward models mentioned below should accelerate and streamline the revision of the federal sub-note among FDP member institutions. But even non-FDP members can use the models.