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Envision Has Entered Into Corporate Integrity Agreement With Dhs For

We can measure the effectiveness of your health organization`s compliance program, conduct risk assessments, facilitate sWOT analysis within the organization, and make recommendations to your company to improve your compliance program. BKD has developed specific tools that help organizations assess the effectiveness of their programs. These tools include questionnaires, checklists, surveys and other forms to identify gaps and compliance errors. The national health care group BKD has been supporting health organizations in corporate compliance services since fraud and abuse in the health sector became a major concern. Our advisors teach compliance at conferences and seminars, write articles in national journals and advise you with organizations across the country. We have also developed innovative compliance tools and approaches that help businesses stay out of hot water. Each service can be tailored to your specific needs. Under the provisions of the False Claims Act or whistleblowers, individuals may, on behalf of the government, take legal action for false allegations and participate in any recovery. The EmCare agreement resolves a who-tam lawsuit brought by Dr. Thomas Mason and Stephen Folstad, whose mema firm had previously supplied DE doctors to two HMA hospitals in North Carolina.

In connection with the colony, Drs. Mason and Folstad received $6,222,907. BKD can help you train your compliance committee, employees, management, boards of directors and physicians on compliance issues. Examples of training include fraud and abuse, current industry developments, effective compliance programs, board governance and corporate responsibility, as well as coding and billing issues. “These doctors put their own financial interests above the needs of their patients,” said U.S. Attorney General Louis D. Lappen for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. “Such behaviour endangers patient care and undermines the integrity of our country`s public health programs. This system should serve as a warning to all providers who allow financial incentives to override their medical judgment. In a separate colony, PAL, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and three of its executives, Lee Meyers, Michael Warren, M.D.