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Agreement Number Resp

All RESPs must have an agent and a promoter, and both organizations must enter into an agreement with the CESD to provide educational savings incentives managed by the CESD. 6 (h) My daughter is currently enrolled in a qualifying education program. Previously, in 2003-2005, she was enrolled in another higher education school in a secondary school. Can an EAP now be paid from their RESP for their past post-secondary education? Yes, one of the payment conditions for the EAP is that the student be enrolled full-time or part-time in a qualifying program in post-secondary education. If your daughter is currently participating in a qualifying training program at the time of payment, an EAP may be in place for the years 2003-2005. 2 ter) Is it possible to have a tripartite contract when the ESP is in place? A contract involving the promoter, agent and subscriber would be acceptable as long as the contract clearly defines each party`s obligations and responsibilities. The contract states that the promoter is responsible for the payment or inducement of the payment of training benefits and that a trust must be set up to hold the assets of the RESP. The primary manager of the recipient, or PCG, is also responsible for the care and education of the recipient and may be a ONLY PCG or a public PCG: 2 c) A promoter has provided the Canada Revenue Agency with all the necessary documents for a proposed PSE model. The documents were verified, the proposed Esp model was approved and the project proponent received an accreditation number. What`s the next step? The promoter can now start selling ESP contracts. In this regard, the promoter must ensure that the subscriber or subscribers complete the corresponding application for the Selected Savings Incentive (CESG), Enhanced Canada Education Savings Grant, Canada Learning Bond (CLB) and/or Alberta Centennial Education Savings grant (ACES) 5 (h) What is a designated provincial program? A specific provincial program is a program managed in accordance with an agreement under section 12 of the ESA or a prescribed program.