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Survey Monkey Data Protection Agreement

SurveyMonkey has been certified in accordance with the U.S.-U.S. and Swiss-US Privacy Shield programs, which have legalized the collection, use, transfer and storage of personal data from Europe to the United States. This method of transferring personal data has been invalidated by the European courts, and we therefore insert our clients into our data processing contracts (DPAs) with CSC below. Your IP address is used to ensure that you do not complete the same survey twice if the creator has added settings to avoid this (choice filling) for abuse monitoring purposes (we can identify a respondent who has abused the survey and who has experienced it in a manner contrary to our rules of use or to facilitate compliance by the creator with his own legal obligations). We also collect logging data to collect aggregated data and measurements of activities at a non-identifying level, and thus identify trends in surveys that increase over time. We also use usage information such as the type of survey, form, questionnaire or application you responded to to customize the products we will show you at the end of a survey when you are redirected to our website. These conditions (including additional conditions) represent the entire agreement between you and SurveyMonkey and resolve any other prior or simultaneous agreement, the general, written or oral terms and conditions regarding their purpose. All terms of sale that appear in an order or similar document you have issued do not apply to The Services, crush or are part of these Terms and are not valid. The limited license you grant surveyMonkey under Section 3.2 (License limited to your content) allows SurveyMonkey to use your content in all its forms and on all media, including paper or digital media such as hard drives and flash drives, and in any way, including wired, wireless or online digital or analog data. The duration of such a limited license only covers the legal duration of the protection of intellectual property rights related to your content. We are taking increasingly large surveys of designated individuals, such as our candidate surveys.B. We check to what extent contractors comply with the DMPR to decide whether they should be used. We only use contractors if we are satisfied that they respect data security in accordance with the RGPD.

We treat your personal data in the following categories of data for legitimate interests that we pursue and which are described in detail in this privacy policy. We are committed to making sure that each of these uses is clearly limited so that your privacy is respected and that only the information necessary to achieve these legitimate objectives is used. Our main goal is to improve our services and messages for all our users, while ensuring that the personal data of all users is respected and protected. We provide customer service to our U.S., European, Australian and Canadian subsidiaries to provide 24-hour coverage. Some data can be exported or accessed for legitimate and useful purposes to provide external support to Europe. We collect and use information from third parties and integration partners to help Dener send you surveys/forms/applications/questionnaires. Our legal centre is more than a legal document. It establishes all of our legal and confidentiality policies in one place.