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Sas End User License Agreement

15.1 This licensing agreement can only be amended by the written agreement of the parties; This written agreement indicates that this is an amendment to this licensing agreement. The above applies to changes or additions to the specifications. Renewals under the same conditions can be registered in writing or by the licensee who pays an invoice for the renewal sent by the licensee (or by the authorized third party of the licensee, currently Jisc). 17.1 Any notification or written agreement may be made as follows: Neither SAS nor its staff accept or intend to present ideas of any kind from third parties. Therefore, do not send unsolicited materials, concepts or ideas to SAS, either through this website or other means of communication. However, if you do not know this request, please note that any unsolicited information or material sent to SAS or a SAS staff member is not confidential. Their transmission of unsolicited information or materials gives SAS a complete and irrevocable license for the use, reproduction, display, execution, modification, transfer and dissemination of this information or material and any underlying intellectual property. In addition, SAS is free to make full use of all unsolicited ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that you send to SAS for any use. SAS` privacy statement regulates the disclosure of your name or other personal data related to these bids. You agree that SAS is in no way responsible for errors, omissions, losses or damages of any kind resulting from your use of online communication channels or your use of published content. You agree to assess and support all risks associated with the use of content, including confidence in the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of such content. You agree not to collect information about others, including email addresses, or to use online communication channels or information you receive from online communication channels to send unwanted emails of any kind to other users.

Online communication channels are used exclusively for information purposes and no content can be used for commercial or investment purposes.