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Open letter to Delta

May 10, 2011

Re: Incident on Delta flight DL5797

I wanted someone to be aware of an incident on my flight this morning from Washington DC to Detroit. Roughly 20 minutes into the flight, the rear cabin attendant, Kim, came through the sparsely populated cabin to take requests. FYI, I asked for water and a blanket, she informed me that there were no blankets on this flight. After drinks were served, the elder gentleman from seat 5D went to the rear of the plane to use the lavatory. Apparently while back there, he saw a snack sized candy bar on the counter of the rear galley and brought it back to his seat.
A few minutes later, Kim, came to his seat and while standing in the aisle accused him of stealing her candy. He explained that he saw it sitting there and didn’t know it was her personal item and held it out to her with an apology. Kim turned her back to he man and stormed to the forward cabin to talk to the other flight attendant. Later she came back looking foul.
About 10 minutes after that she came through the cabin with a trash bag to collect the beverage service remains. She ignored the man and tried to skip his row, but he spoke to her and she stopped. Once again he tried to apologize. Kim’s response was to loudly proclaim that she “paid for that candy herself”. The man then offered to reimburse her, to which she said to him him “I’m upset with you. This is not okay!” and walked away.
Having witnessed all of this firsthand, I am appalled that a representative of Delta would go out of their way to publicly humiliate a passenger in this fashion. I feel sorry for the passenger and what he had to endure. I have never experienced this level of unprofessionalism on any airline and certainly would hope for better from my preferred airline.

Sincerely yours,
Denis Burns
Delta SkyMiles #**********

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