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Time off? What do I do now!?

Yeah, I know. If only everyone had this problem right?

I have too much time off built up and was told to take some, so I opted for mid-October. This was before I had a water leak in my front yard, cracked a crown and planned an outing in November. Now I am thinking along thrifty lines, rather than fun play time lines. So here I am – on the first eve of my 10 day hiatus from work – and not a clue what to do.

Let’s assume that I really, really want to see Fall leaves (one of the sucky things about FL – leaves don’t do that here)…

If I were to pack the car with tent and (car) camping gear, here are my ideas this far….

  1. Niagara Falls, NY and visit family
    1. Drive north to NY (20hrs) and see
      1. Niagara Falls (item off my bucket list)
      2. Maybe visit a friend in Rochester Syracuse
    2. Drive to NJ and spend 1-2 days with Mom
    3. Drive to VA and spend 1-2 days with friend camping in VA
    4. Summary:
      1. Miles 2600
      2. Gas ~$ 185 + tolls
  2. NJ and Friends
    1. Drive to NJ and spend 2-3 days w/ Mom
    2. Drive to VA and spend 2 days camping w/ friend
    3. Summary:
      1. 2000
      2. Gas ~150 +tolls
  3. Smokey Mountains
    1. Drive to TN (8.5 hours)
    2. Drive around TN, SC, NC, VA Smokeys and hope for colors
    3. Summary:
      1. Miles 1100
      2. Gas ~$90
  4. Colors trip
    1. Drive to TN and continue until I find colors
    2. Bum for a day or two and return
    3. Summary
      1. Miles 800-1500
      2. Gas ~ 75-125
  5. Variable trip
    1. Drive as far as I want
    2. See how cheaply I can live out of my car
    3. Play it all by ear
    4. Summary
      1. Miles & Gas – unknown

So here goes – give me your opinions. I have plans for tomorrow, so I am down to about 9 travel days.

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