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29-Jun-2010 – Siam Sushi

Tried a new restaurant today. Was heading for Publix to pick up a block of Swiss cheese (just can’t take that tasteless crap from Walmart any more) and saw Siam Sushi had taken over the old space that Hopkins Eatery used to occupy. No menu posted at the door and I didn’t think quickly enough when I hit the door to ask for one. I was shown to a booth by a friendly girl and started looking over the menu.
Little pricier than I would have liked. Looks to be about 10-15% above Sushilicious (my personal baseline). I ordered a California roll (as a basis for comparison) and an Emerald Grande (tuna, salmon, cucumber, jalapeño, kiwi and cilantro). Wines were $6-9 per glass. I chose to go with water for this visit.
Preparation was fast. Food was on the table in about 8 minutes. Very fast for sushi. Presentation was impeccable. Rolls on appropriate dishes, sauce drizzled just so.
The California roll was typical. The rice was sticky and firm. The ingredients tasted fresh. The soy sauce was possibly the saltiest that I have tasted. It is hard to make a California roll stand out. This one, while good, was typical.
The Emerald Grande, on the other hand, was nothing short of amazing. This unlikely combinations of flavors had me examining the flavors in my mouth as I savored each bite. I literally put my chopsticks down with each bite just to pay attention to what I was chewing. Those who eat with me on a regular basis understand how rare this is. Within each bite there is the smokey flavor of the fish, the bite of a touch of jalapeño and the twang of the kiwi. I would never have put theze flavors together and applaud the chef at Siam Sushi for doing it.
Two rolls ended up being a bit much, but I use the California roll to judge new places. I do much the same thing with guacamole at Mexican joints.
The bill wound up right at $19. More than I tend to spend on myself when eating alone (can you say Wendy’s value menu?). But for $23 I was out the door, well fed, happy and have my first restaurant review under my belt.
Now to Publix for the staples: Swiss cheese, bread and Guiness.

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